What others have to say

I am so grateful for all those who put their trust in me to help realize their dreams.

So it came beautifully packaged, perfectly intact with no issues. And the sound!!! WOW!! I can’t believe I own this drum!! The colour is beautiful!! I love it. It matches my drums but is also unique to the drum. Terry it’s just incredible and so responsive; what a sound right out of the box; I’m speechless right now!

The custom stave Bubinga snare that Terry built for me is by far my favourite snare that I’ve had the pleasure of playing on. Since I purchased the snare, a little over a year ago, it’s been out with me on almost every gig and has been used in many recording sessions. I’ve used it for folk, hip-hop, jazz, rock and more, and it never fails to impress. Every time I bring my TL custom snare to a gig or into the studio, it gets noticed by other musicians and sound techs who always have something positive to say.

This drum is a killer! The best drum decision you’ll ever make I purchased a TL custom one-piece Maple shell drum with tuning collars (51/2 x 14). The head lays were finished perfectly as per my discussion with Terry: the bottom 45 and the top rounded. This drum is a killer to say the least. Dynamically, it goes from mp to fff with no distortion whatsoever. The finish is as smooth as a baby’s bum and is very rich and deep. I can’t say enough about Terry Laurenzio’s workmanship; it’s on a par with best out there today. Have a discussion with Terry and order one or two drums. It’ll be the best drum decision you’ll ever make.

I purchased a 14″ custom stave snare from Terry to up-grade my wine fade finished Ludwigs. While the snare looks 10 times better than the rest of the kit, the finish and colour also complement the kit perfectly… the sound is great and the attention to detail obvious from every angle! So of course, I had to order another – this time, a gorgeous custom stainless snare that turned out amazing! Terry equipped it with the very best hardware and the thing looks and sounds fantastic! It’s been my standard go to snare on gigs ever since … looking forward to acquiring more of Terry’s fine work.

To all considering a custom drum look no further! TL Drums offers high quality woods, finishes and hardware that cannot be matched by larger drum companies. Who else could build a 14X4.5″ custom solid steam bent cherry snare with maple re-rings?

I found TL Drums through a posting on a local drum store’s Facebook page while looking to find a custom drum maker. Terry offered to make my custom snare for me. I’d contacted several other drum makers, but no one showed the same enthusiasm for getting the perfect snare for me as Terry did. Over the next month or so, Terry worked closely with me. We chatted through Facebook to ensure I got exactly the drum I wanted, from deciding what type of materials to use for the shell and the hardware, to getting a custom dimension for the middle acrylic stripe. I’d never ordered a custom drum before and Terry was very patient as I bounced my ideas off of him, which allowed me to get the best possible end result, including finding a unique lug design. Terry quickly built the snare once the parts arrived and I could not be happier with what I received. It’s a beautiful piece of work and sounds fantastic!

I loved the lightweight, yet deep design of the shell. My Ayotte snare drums are usually in the 32 or more ply range, and way too frickin’ heavy to carry. Luckily, I have a tech who does that for me! I tried tuning the batter head really high, medium, and low pitched. At each frequency all the snares still vibrated and the drum had a nice tone when the snares were on and off. This is a versatile drum, Terry. I also liked your strainer design, really smooth and variable in terms of the tension. I especially loved this drum tuned low for that fat Don Henley type back beat. I’ve been getting into that snare sound lately, and you can hear it on our new album out Tuesday. I would love to have you build me a Snare Drum in the size that I tried, with the same specifications. Nancy tells me you are very motivated and that your passion for this is pretty evident. Your beautiful snare drum certainly confirms those notions for me. Let me know what you think about making a TL snare drum for me.

Thanks again, Terry.

Terry, your TL Drums are works of art. The attention to detail is second to none. My 10″ Rosewood solid snare looks amazing and sounds even better. If you want truly custom-made drums to your exact specs, TL Drums is the way to go. Thanks.

Hey Terry, what can i say but Perfect! Can’t believe the transformation. The old Yamaha kit has a second life! I appreciate your idea’s and quality of your workmanship. You have updated me step by step in this process, like i was there in your shop! I would Highly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again. Next another floor tom !!!

I am the proud new owner of a TL Drums solid ply snare. Terry is a great guy with a real passion for producing fine drums. The workmanship is stunning and the drum sounds amazing – great tone and sensitivity. I love it. Last snare drum I ever buy…

When you first talk with Terry about drums you can immediately tell how passionate he is about playing them, and making them! A true artisan and perfectionist, Terry won’t rest until the drum is a work of art. Being able to see the project from start to finish, I know Terry captured the sound I was looking for in this maple shell. Selecting the hardware and giving input on the finish – this drum surpassed my expectations! The sound and flexibility of this drum make it my Go-To for rock shows, and the sensitivity for jazz shows. Thanks Terry for this masterpiece! I’ll cherish it.

Hey Terry, Thanks for showing me the shop when I picked up the cherry snare, she’s gorgeous.. I forgot what you said you wanted for the silver glass sparkle kit with the massive sounding 18″ kick??? That thing is a beauty!! then there’s that bubinga stave snare! I could go on but I won’t.. anyways truly happy with my snare. Out of the 10 snares I have that one is THE one… great work!