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Terry Laurenzio, Drumsmith

I’ve been drumming pretty much my whole life. I started at an early age and played in a wide range of bands and different musical situations. This variety helped me to develop a deep appreciation for the relationship between the specific sound of a drum and the style of music being played. Later, when I began to teach drumming, I started to refurbish old drums for students. I experimented with bearing edges and finishes, and quickly realized that even a minute change in a bearing edge or a finish can have a subtle effect on the drum’s sound. This experimentation rapidly grew into building my own custom drums.

Since 2000, I’ve been privileged to design and hand craft unique custom drums for a wide range of drummers with diverse drumming styles and musical tastes. The knowledge and experience gained from these projects, combined with my curiosity and desire to always strive for excellence, enables me to create completely custom tailored drums to fit a buyer’s personal preferences, style and sound requirements. Every drum is finished to the highest standard and the possibilities are endless. You can be sure your TL drum will look as good as it sounds.

I only create unique, one-off instruments, which is why you’ll never find two TL drums that are exactly the same. I can replicate a specific drum, if required, but most drummers want the perfect sound that will fit their unique musical style and taste. competitively priced, all TL drums are guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship and build quality.

I truly love what I do and my greatest pleasure is delivering the perfect custom drum.