2012 Montreal Drum Festival

Well, this is my first blog so here goes. When I was invited at the very last minute to exhibit my work at this years Montreal drum festival I wasn’t sure I could pull it off, but I was up for the challenge, nothing like a tight deadline to get you moving. And move I did, with only 2 weeks to prepare I had to pull things together quickly. Thanks to help of my friends not only did we pull it off but the exhibit and reception exceeded all my expectations. Although, the trip did not go without glitches. Once I had packed everything into the van and double checked my list I set out to pick up buddies Louis and Matthew. No more than a few minutes after picking up Louis the cars ahead of us slam on the brakes so I did the same only to have my brake line snap and pedal drop to the floor. Not a great feeling when your seconds from plowing into a brand new yellow fiat. With no time to think I did what made sense and swerved towards the curb then turned my wheels dead into it in order to avoid side swiping the little yellow Italian job. Good call, with 2 wheel on the grass and two on the pavement the bottom of the van dragged along the concert and brought us to a stop. The squirrel survived and everyone drove off leaving us hung-up on the side of the road… nice! I can’t imagine what might have happened if this was on the highway into Montreal. After a few dead-end call we final called Matt to let him know we had an issue and before I knew it he made arrangements to come get us in his van to drive the trip. Matt you-da-man! Once we got into Montreal everything went smoothly as planned. We took in a couple of the shows and then went to the famous Di Compari pizzeria for an awesome meal.

Next morning we got to the festival and set up in record time. As the day unfolded we had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with hundreds of wonderful people of all ages that shared the same passion for the percussive arts. The positive feedback and response to my work was overwhelming to say the least; I am honored to be part of such a wonderful community. I’m looking forward to next years show.